Rate: $175 per hour

1-Business/Product Analyzation Call -After hearing your business or product circumstances/questions/concerns, I will suggest the next best steps for you in a plan of action via email, write-up + 3-5 minute explanatory video received 48 hours after your call. 

-additional half hours for existing consult may be scheduled at any time, at the rate of $125 per half hour

-$50 of consultation call will go towards any package booked 


Offer No. 2 - seek

Rate: $2,500/Project

1-Support in starting your Private Label Beauty Business from the ground up. 20 highly productive hours divided any way you would like, including but not limited to: consult calls, product analyzation, sourcing, research & development, signature branding, business startup, building clientele, marketing, quality control, packaging,  and production.

-additional/a la carte hours may be scheduled at any time at the rate of $175 per hour


Offer No. 1 - Start up & Branding

Rate: $875 – 5 hours -1.5-hour call time, 3.5 hours research/ $1,575 – 10 hours – 3-hour call time, 7 hours research

1-Assist in research and development of product, sourcing, dead ends, next steps forward. Suggestions, Site links, and findings sent to client by email 
+ 20-30 minute explanatory video within 10-14 days.

-additional hours may be scheduled at the rate of $200 per hour


Offer No. 4 - research & development

Rate: $875 – 5 hours/ $1,575 – 10 hours

1-Implementation support in Plan of Action. Hours divided as client wishes in Phone/Email/Zoom. Plan of action as determined after the initial consultation call.  Findings delivered by 10-20 minute video explanation + written email within 7 days.

-additional/a la carte hours may be scheduled at any time at the rate of $200 per hour


Offer No. 3 - action

Insert name of YOUR Brand {here}

The simplicity in starting your dream company/brand is shockingly easy and highly attainable for ANYONE!     
1-Pick a name. 
 2-Pick a Niche category.
 3-Pick a product.  4-Select your customized offer from ALB Expert in Product Development & Branding.
5- Start building your brand!